Why are multilateral environmental agreements so darn complex?

The widespread impact and arguably lack of international cooperation during the Covid-19 pandemic, has pushed many environmentalists to already draw parallels with climate change. There have been calls for flattening our emissions curve in the same way we have already flattened the infection curve in many parts of the world during this crisis. This emissions …

The future of work

Will automation create mass unemployment? How should the education system transform to support the labor market of the future? How can governments deal with a worst-case-scenario world where a majority of the population may be rendered irrelevant?

In defense of China

There is no doubt that Chinese influence is spreading globally. Many are accusing China of taking advantage of poorer countries. Would such a view not be overlooking the West's global dominance over the developing world for the last 50 years? How different is China's approach really, and, could it actually be a better way for Africa?